Optimized for Apple

The all-in-one Daily Planner to Supercharge You and Your Teams' Workflow

for MacOS 10.14 and newer

Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime...

With just a click of the menu bar or press of a custom keyboard shortcut, SprintDock majestically reveals from the side of the screen giving you super quick access to your entire day.

Time to Hydrate

Back to Work


SprintDock knows when you are working or in a meeting and will prompt you at convenient times to take a short break.

Plug-In & Go!

SprintDock was built to improve on the tools you already use daily.

Jira, Notion or Trello account required
He / Him

Joe Barbour

family ties - Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar
In Meeting In Meeting
He / Him

Dee Reynolds

Higher Love - Steve Winwood
Downtime Downtime
He / Him

Steven Gomez

London - 10.32PM
He / Him

Joe Barbour

family ties - Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar
In Meeting In Meeting


Coming Later 2022
It's Broken?!
In Progress
In Production


Update your tasks in SprintDock and they will update in your project management system. And if someone edits a task, like magic it updates in SprintDock.

Take Productivity to Eleven!

With all these combined features in one app, SprintDock will take your productivity workflow to the next level!

Pin to Screen

Pin SprintDock to the screen to stop it from hiding away when you click elsewhere - it's super useful in meetings.

Made for Mac

SprintDock was built on an M1 mac using the newest version of Swift & SwiftUI so it's lightning quick.


SprintDock doesn't store much in the cloud, but when it does it sends it with end-to-end (SHA256) encryption.

Dark Mode

Yes we have a dark mode, it would be weird if we didn't. And of course it looks epic!

Screen Position

Don't like SprintDock being on the left side of the screen, no worries, change it to the right side.

Multiple Accounts

So you have clients that use Notion, Jira and Trello? Add an unlimited amount of accounts.


SprintDock was built from the ground up to support other languages. We will be adding new languages frequently.

Privacy Focused

Not only do we take privacy and data very seriously, with a focus on pertinent data regulations; we take it a step further.

Project & Board Support

Projects / Boards / Databases, whatever you happen to call them, we support them across all services.

Bug Detection

SprintDock can recognize certain keywords relating to a task to determine if it's a bug related task.


Subtasks in Jira & Trello are fully supported and visualized in a 'Tile Stack', which, when clicked on, can be drilled down into.